Revival: Growing Health and Education in the Monk's Garden


Process and Pilgrimage walking with science



Italy 2010-12

Abbazia di Spineto, May 19th-23rd, 2012

Aboca, August 22nd, 2011

Bettona, July 22nd-25th, 2010

Henri Bortoft, Paradox

Revival:Growing Health and Education
in the Monk's Garden

Journey School ...sets out

Satish gives public talk May 22nd at Sarteano


The aims of Process and Pilgrimage are 1) to bring people from different backgrounds together in a dynamic setting of inquiry; 2) assembling a group of people who never normally share a conference or performance stage for shared discussion; 3)reaching behind the obvious conceptual characteristics of a conflict or debate in order to move a question forward. Read more here

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UK 2009

Window, November

Dart, July

Birkbeck, May

Chris Clarke Universe

Minni jain
Philip Franses